Overall Evaluation

Evaluation is a key component of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada's Maintenance of Certification program. Please consider the meeting’s learning objectives and reflect upon your own learning.

Sally Letson Symposium Overview

What part of the meeting was most valuable to you? Why?

What part of the meeting was least valuable to you? Why?

Learning Objectives

At the end of the Symposium, I am able to:

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Reliably evaluate glaucoma using the latest in diagnostic technologies.

Choose the most appropriate next step in medical, laser, or surgical intervention based on a patient's unique circumstances.

Create a comprehensive plan for cataract surgery in the glaucoma patient.

Identify and address challenges in daily living for the glaucoma patient.

Summarize the cutting-edge research in glaucoma including neuroprotection and artificial intelligence.

Program Evaluation

Using the scale where 1 is low and 5 is high, please rate the following statements:

1-low 2 3 4 5-high

The program met my educational expectations.

The program provided enough time for interaction (minimum 25% of session).

The program was free of commercial bias.

If you perceived commercial bias, please describe:

The 51st Sally Letson Symposium addressed the following CanMEDS roles:

Medical Expert



Health Advocate

What changes (if any) would you make to the learning format? Please share your suggestions for the next meeting.

Impact on Practice

Based on what you learned at this meeting, what additional learning will you pursue and/or what changes will you make to your practice?

Meeting Logistics

Please comment on: Social events, meeting space, table top displays, hotel, food etc.

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